Metsku news, w. 3

“For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name.”
– Ephesians 3: 14-15

19th of JANUARY at 11 a.m. – WORSHIP SERVICE
Welcome to Metskus Worship Service this Sunday! Stefan Forsbäck will be preaching and continuing on our new theme which is also the second part of our vision “Rooted in a welcoming home where you belong”. After the Worship Service there will be Church coffee and fellowship.
 Sunday school as usual during the worship service.



Welcome to join us in prayer!
Every week on Mondays 9-10 and Wednesdays 16-17.
In the beginning we pray together and after that there will be calm worship music in the background and time to sit in God’s presence,
listen to him, pray and read the word, or just rest. What a great opportunity to just be in God’s presence! Welcome to join!

Metsku Unite

Welcome to Metsku Unite! It is a very important evening when we get inspired together, share community, tools and ideas on what we can do in order to fulfill God’s calling for us in Turku. Everybody from the Metsku church is warmly welcome to our Metsku Unite – evenings. There is no difference whether you have been coming for a long time or just started coming to our church, join us and get inspired and grow with us. For those who are part of a lifegroup or a team these evenings are especially important. We encourage you to prioritize this in your calender!


If you missed the last worship service, you can listen to Stefan Forsbäck’s sermon directly here.

Do you want to join a Lifegroup?
Lifegroups are about having friends to share life with. It’s a group where you can grow and laugh together and discover more of faith, life and our purpose.
It’s also a place where we help and support each other when that’s needed.
Interested? Contact:


Parking at Metsku’s Parking lot. The following parking places can be used after 18 O’clock and on Saturdays and Sundays are: 2-4,6-7 and 18.