Metsku News week 15

And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors. Matthew 6:12 


SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE (via Zoom and Youtube)

We gather for Sunday Service this Sunday 18.4.2021 at 11 via Zoom and Youtube. This week Stefan Forsbäck will share the theme Affirming with us. Welcome to join the service!

The link to the Youtube-streaming and Zoom are found in the Åbo Metsku-group on Facebook right before the service starts.

Welcome to pray together via Zoom on Mondays at 9 and in the church on Wednesdays at 16.

Please feel free to use these questions to dig deeper into Stefan Forsbäcks important teaching about forgiveness from last sunday. You can go through them alone or in a group, after or as you are listening to the sermon. You find the service here on the Metsku channel at YouTube.

1. What do Matthew 6: 14-15 and Mark 11:25 teach us about the importance of forgiveness?

2. What are the consequences of not forgiving and how does it affect us if we don’t forgive others?

3. What are the benefits of forgiving others?

4. What does it mean to forgive and how can we let forgiveness become a part of our lives?

Bible passages: Matthew 6: 12-15, Mark 11:25, 2 Chor. 2:7-11, Eph. 4:26-32, Col 2:13-14