Metsku News week 20

The Lord will guide you continually, And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones Isaiah 58:11


SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE (via Zoom and Youtube)

We gather for Sunday Service this Sunday 23.5. at 11 via Zoom and Youtube. This week Ama Acquah will preach for us. Welcome to join the service!

The link to the Youtube-streaming and the passcodes for Zoom are found on Facebook in the Åbo Metsku-group right before the service starts.


Welcome to pray together via Zoom on Mondays at 9 and in the church on Wednesdays at 16.


Metsku Youth will continue to meet every other Friday at 18-20 in church, for 10-14 year olds. The program consists of playing, teaching, eating and socializing. Welcome to join – next time is on Friday 21.5.2021. If there will be more than six participants the group will be divided and placed in different spaces.


Please feel free to use these questions to dig deeper into Stefan Forsbäcks important teaching from last Sunday. You can go through them alone or in a group, after or as you are listening to the sermon. You find the link to the service here. (in Swedish) 

1. What things are important to keep in mind when interpreting Bible passages.

2. Why should we read the Bible without a personal agenda?

3. Why might it be important to understand the context in which a Bible text was written?

4. In what ways does Paul highlight the ministry of women in the early Christian congregations?

5. What can 1 Corinthians 14 teach us about the importance of order in worship services?

6. What is the context of the Ephesian congregation in 1 Timothy 2, and in what ways might it be relevant to the interpretation of the text?

7. Read Acts 2: 16–18 and let it be an encouragement to you and your service in the kingdom of God!

Bible passages: Acts 2: 16–18, Romans 12, 1 Cor 12, Eph4, Acts 18:26, Romans 16: 3 – Acts 21: 8-9, Romans 16: 1-7, 1 Cor 14: 33–40, 1 Cor 11: 4–5, 1 Tim 2: 8–15