Metsku News weeks 31-32



There will be a summer gathering at Annika Lahtinens place on Tuesday 10.8. at 6 p.m. Welcome to join!

Register via Metsku’s office: 0400-514080 or


We gather for Sunday Service in the church on Sunday 15.8. at 18.

Anna Stenlund-Degbey will share the word with us. Welcome to join the service!

We will try to keep the service as safe as possible for everyone. It’s therefore important to participate only if you are healthy. We should all be washing our hands and keeping our distance from each other. Using a facemask is still a recommendation but not compulsory and people who have difficulties breathing with a mask or for other health reasons cannot use a mask do not need to wear one.

The link to the Youtube-streaming and the passcodes for Zoom are found on Facebook in the Åbo Metsku-group right before the service starts.


Metsku will participate in an advertising campaign which is a collaboration between several free congregations and Lutheran congregations in Turku. The campaign aims to make Jesus and his words visible in dozens of advertising spots around the city. The campaign starts on August 9th and lasts for four weeks. During those weeks, some of the most touching words of Jesus will be seen on LED screens and advertising spots at bus stops, bus advertising screens, on banners in the center and also on social media and websites. The campaign’s message will be viewed up to a million times. The campaign is paid for entirely through gifts from individuals and congregations. Attached you will find an information sheet about the campaign and how you can support it!