This fall, Metsku is going to organize a ‘’Week of Goodness’’ so that we in a practical way show God’s love to people in Åbo.

What is the week of goodness?

It’s a week (4-10.10) during which the church will be helping people with practical things such as helping with moving in/out, gardening and other small projects.

How? If you want to come and help out, you fill out the form which indicates when you can do it and what kind of help you want to contribute with. You can also help spreading the word to someone you think would appreciate an extra pair of hands (even if you can’t help out yourself).

The form is under the link:https://docs.google.com/…/12DoBWp8z8vI181AFYLJnMiP…/edit

We coordinate so that you’ll be helping someone together with at least one other person.

Why? We want to show God’s love and goodness in a practical way.We hope that you’ll join us for this week of goodness!
If you have any questions, you can contact either Karolina Salo or Victoria Airola.