Metsku News w.43


We gather for Sunday Service in the church on Sunday 31.10. at 11. Ama Acquah will share the word with us about the theme Transforming. Welcome to join the service!

Note! No Sunday School “Himlakul” for the kids.

We will try to keep the service as safe as possible for everyone. It’s therefore important to participate only if you are healthy. We should all be washing our hands and keeping our distance from each other. Using a facemask is still a recommendation but not compulsory and people who have difficulties breathing with a mask or for other health reasons cannot use a mask do not need to wear one.


Questions to the sermon 24.10, “How to reach out?”

1. Read Matthew 5:38-47. What thoughts does that bring to you? What have you previously been taught?

2. What does it mean to you to turn the other cheek?

3. What things do you believe are most important in your life? Does that reflect your life? (Note! This is a question to spark possible change, not for you to feel condemnation)

4. “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, to God what belongs to God”. Have you an example of that from your life? How was it?

5. Do you personally believe prayer is important in situations of conflict? Why/why not?

6. Can you pray in a more honest way? Do you believe that is important?7. In what way is our hope important? How can we grow in our hope in God?

Bible passages: Matthew 5:38-42, 22:17-21, 5:43-45.You can listen to the sermon HERE.