Metsku News week 46


We will gather and pray together at church every Wednesday at 18-19. We will pray for current prayer topics in the congregation and also peoples personal prayer requests. Welcome to join!


Metsku Youth will meet on Friday 19.11. at 18-20.30 in church. Metsku Youth is for 10-14 year olds and the program consists of playing, teaching, eating and socializing. Welcome to join!

Metsku Youth will from now on meet every other Friday, even weeks, the following dates: 3.12, 17.12.


We gather for Sunday Service in the church on Sunday 21.11. at 11. Stefan Forsbäck will share the word with us about the theme Transforming. Welcome to join the service!

There will be Sunday School “Himlakul” for the kids. The following date for Himlakul is 5.12.

We will try to keep the service as safe as possible for everyone. It’s therefore important to participate only if you are healthy. We should all be washing our hands and keeping our distance from each other. Using a facemask is still a recommendation but not compulsory and people who have difficulties breathing with a mask or for other health reasons cannot use a mask do not need to wear one.


Welcome to Metsku Unite the 24th of November at 18.00! 

It is an evening when we will be inspired together, we share community, tools and ideas on what we can do in order to fulfil God’s calling for us in the congregation and in His Kingdom. This evening we will focus on how to grow a sense of community in the church, and also how we can share our faith with those who do not yet know Jesus.  

Everybody is warmly welcome to our Metsku Unite – evenings. For those who are part of a life group and/or a team these evenings are especially important. We encourage you to prioritize this and book it in your calendar!

A light dinner will be served (pizza), so please enroll latest by 22.11. You enroll by sending us an e-mail to Please also let us know about your food allergies. 

Hope to see you there!


It’s now time to arrange our annual Christmas help called “Merry Christmas Turku”.

The goal is to help 50 less privileged families in Turku by giving them the possibility to wish for one Christmas gift per child, and they will also receive a gift card to a store so they can buy Christmas food.For the second time we are co-operating with Hope Yhdistys and they are the ones who put us in contact with the families. 

For more information about how you can help out with the project check out the Facebook-event HERE.


Questions to the sermon 14.11. 2021 with Andreas Forsbäck

Bible passages: Rev 2:1-6, Luke 8:32-39

1. If you have lost something on the way, you have to turn around in order to find it. Do you primarily seek change through going forward or looking and turning back?

2. From the sermon: How was my life, my relation to God when it was best? Have I lost something I am longing for? For example, happiness, joy, a relationship with a person or with God? Everyone has lost something on the way, the question is if it is important enough for us to turn around and look for it.

3. Think about your first love to Jesus, how was it? Has something changed?

4. Andreas mentions the importance of turning back to your first love and your first deeds. Do you recognize any of his examples? What examples do you have?

5. When we are torn into different directions too fast, our heart gets left behind, and we start doing things without our heart. Is your heart involved in your different roles and relationships? Are they now a routine?

6. What are the three requests in Luke 8:32-39? What is answered and what is not answered? What can we learn from this?

7. From the sermon: Is there any relationship in your life that God is calling you to return to? People in the church that may have been lost on the way?