Metsku News week 47


Welcome to Metsku Unite the 24th of November at 18.00. Last day to register today! 

It is an evening when we will be inspired together, we share community, tools and ideas on what we can do in order to fulfil God’s calling for us in the congregation and in His Kingdom. This evening we will focus on how to grow a sense of community in the church, and also how we can share our faith with those who do not yet know Jesus.  

Everybody is warmly welcome to our Metsku Unite – evenings. For those who are part of a life group and/or a team these evenings are especially important. We encourage you to prioritize this and book it in your calendar!

A light dinner will be served (pizza), so please enroll latest by 22.11. You enroll by sending us an e-mail to Please also let us know about your food allergies. 

Hope to see you there!


We gather for Sunday Service in the church on Sunday 28.11. at 11. Nalle Elfving from Vasa will share the word with us about the theme Transforming. Welcome to join the service!

There will be no Sunday School “Himlakul” for the kids. The following date for Himlakul is 5.12.

We will try to keep the service as safe as possible for everyone. It’s therefore important to participate only if you are healthy. We should all be washing our hands and keeping our distance from each other. We recommend all that are able to wear a facemask to wear one. But it’s not compulsory for people who have difficulties breathing with a mask or for ones with other health reasons that cannot use a mask. 


We are happy to invite you to Metskus Christmas Celebration on the 11th of December. 

We have two settings starting at 11am and 5pm. We do our best to include everyone, but the space in both settings is limited due to the need to retain sufficient distance. 

Please register as soon as possible! Register by filling out this form:

Registration ends on 30 November.

The two settings do not have identical programs. For example, please note that a program for children is included in the setting starting at 11 am.The Metsku Christmas event operates with the potluck principle. We will ask about potluck food and drinks only after your registration is confirmed.Blessings to you and welcome to celebrate Christmas with us!


It’s now time to arrange our annual Christmas help called “Merry Christmas Turku”.

The goal is to help 50 less privileged families in Turku by giving them the possibility to wish for one Christmas gift per child, and they will also receive a gift card to a store so they can buy Christmas food.

For the second time we are co-operating with Hope Yhdistys and they are the ones who put us in contact with the families. 

For more information about how you can help out with the project check out the Facebook-event HERE.

Give a gift to support the collection:

Bank: FI35 5716 9020 0523 25, Åbo Svenska metodistförsamling 2600

MobilePay: 94342

Permission number: RA/2021/1145


Questions to ”A heart for humans”, Stefan Forsbäck 21/11 2021

Bible passages: Matt 9:35-38, Marc 1:15, Rom 1:16, Acts 10:38, Hebr 10:38, Matt 9:36, Marc 2:15, Marc 1:35-39, Eph 3:18-20, 2 Cor 3:18, 2 Cor 5:14-17, Rom 12:1-2, Matt 9:37-38.

1. Take a moment and reflect on how you relate to the great commission. Is it a source of inspiration and a source of stress? In what way may we be focusing on the wrong things, and why do we do this?

2. How would you describe God´s good news, how do you see it in your life? What can you tell others?

3. How did and does Jesus fill people´s needs? How and with whom can you meet people´s needs?

4. It is important to remember that all people need Jesus. What does that mean? What else is important to remember about our neighbour?

5. What stirs the compassion of Jesus according to Matthew 9:36? Why is it in this way? What can we learn from this?

6. In what way was Jesus misunderstood when he lived on earth and in our times? Why do we misunderstand him? Where can you see the true Jesus? What events and Bible passages have personally spoken to you?

7. In the sermon Stefan use twice the picture of a scale with two scales, what does this teach us about God´s love?

8. What was Jesus’ greatest joy, what was his life affected by? What does this mean to us?

9. In the presence of Jesus we are transformed. What Bible passages did Stefan read about this?

10. What do we learn about the harvest and about ourselves in Matthew 9:37-38?