Merry Christmas Turku

It’s now time to arrange our annual Christmas help called “Merry Christmas Turku”. 

The goal is to help 50 less privileged families in Turku by giving them the possibility to wish for one Christmas gift per child, and they will also receive a gift card to a store so they can buy Christmas food. 

For the second time we are co-operating with Hope Yhdistys and they are the ones who put us in contact with the families. 

Here are some ways you could help:

  • Buy Christmas gifts: you decide if you want to pay them or if you give us the receipt and we will pay back the amount. Note – the gifts should be unwrapped when you give them. 
  • Wrap Christmas gifts: 
    this will be arranged on Thursday 2.12 at 18.30-20 and Tuesday 7.12 at 18-19.30. 
  • Help when we give out the gifts, it will be arranged in the church on Sunday 12th December.
  • Pray for the families we are helping and the whole project

Give a gift to support the collection:

Bank: FI35 5716 9020 0523 25, Åbo Svenska metodistförsamling 2600

MobilePay: 94342

Permission number: RA/2021/1145

Send and e-mail to or come and talk to Anna Stenlund-Degbey after a Sunday Service if you have any questions about the project. If you want to help please enroll to the e-mail address above