Metsku News week 1


We gather for worship in the church and on Youtube on Sunday 9.1.2022 at 11. It is Stefan Forsbäck who shares the word with us. Welcome!

In the current circumstances of the corona pandemic it is important that we all take our responsibility to curb the spread of infection despite the fact that the regional administration’s new restrictions on gatherings do not directly apply to services arranged by religious communities.

We will for the time being continue to gather for worship but at the same time observe all possible precautionary measures.

From next Sunday we will:

1. Stream the services on YouTube for those who want to follow the service from home.

2. Not serve church coffee after the service.

3. Not arrange Sunday school Himlakul.

4. Limit the number of worship service participants to 1/5 of the church’s maximum capacity.

It is still extremely important under the prevailing circumstances that you are completely healthy and symptom-free if you participate in the service. 

We encourage everyone to wear a mask during the entire service, to wash and disinfect their hands and to only sit with their own family and keep a safe distance from other visitors.