January 21, 2016

Sunday School

Every Sunday is kids’ Sunday too!

Here in Metsku we believe in the new generation that is rising up. We want to support families in giving their children a Christian upbringing. Therefore, we want to simply teach the children about the Bible, Jesus and about life as God’s child. We want every child to know Jesus, to grow in the Bible and the gospel community in an age appropriate and exciting way. We sing, play, do crafts, and talk about Jesus. Welcome to Himlakul, as we call our Sunday School – it is never boring there!

”Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God” – Mark 10:14

Himlakul Sunday School meets every Sunday

Every Sunday we gather first in the church and join the worship service. After the first song we move together to the apartment house beside our church building. There is our office apartment which is also used for the Sunday School. The languages used in our Sunday School are Swedish, Finnish and English, according to the needs on a given Sunday. So, you can join freely, no matter what your own language is. We have a wonderful team of committed and gifted leaders who are able to adjust to different situations. After the Sunday School the children are brought back to join their parents for the church coffee. On those Sundays when we have the Holy Communion, the children are brought back earlier to join in together with their parents. Himlakul supports a little boy called Kunal in India by praying for him and every Sunday the children can bring some money for an offering that is taken during the Sunday school.

Himlakul Junior (8 år -)

In the Junior group the children can meet every week with others of their own age. The teaching and discussions are planned according to their age level – there we also try to find ways to apply the Bible texts into everyday situations. And of course, we don’t forget the fun part either in this group. The weather permitting, the group goes out at times at the end of their gathering to play and do things together as a group. We warmly welcome all children in the Junior group age to join!

Himlakul Mini (3-7 år)

In the Mini group the children can sing, do crafts and listen to the Bible teaching that is adjusted according to their age level. There can also be drama and sometimes also a puppet theater to make the teaching more interesting. The children can also join in safe and fun activities during their gathering. We warmly welcome all children in the Mini group age to come along!

Himlakul Babies (0-3)

We have a playroom for babies and toddlers in our church with nice toys, books and games. There the children can play while their parents can follow the worship service on a tv-screen. In a closet in the kitchen you can find bowls, plates and bibs and you can also warm up food in the microwave oven. There is a baby dressing-table in the hall, near the toilets. We hope that you and your children can feel welcome in our church!

Any questions or suggestions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. You can reach us via the contact form on the frontpage by adding the text “Himlakul” in the subject line. Or write directly to our office:


0400-514 080

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