March 29, 2016

Who works here?

A Church where all are needed

We don’t believe the church is about a few leaders who do the job, but instead we see it as a WE-thing. The church is all about those who gather together to worship Jesus and to follow him. Metsku has long since been a very active church that is built from people with a passionate heart for God’s kingdom and devotion to Jesus Christ. We have about 70 volunteers who have a whole lot of fun together as we serve and go towards the dream God has given us.

These are the real heroes that we are so thankful for!

Do you want to be part of this dream and join a team? Just send us an email or fill out the form on the contact page.

Our Pastor

Our Pastor, Stefan Forsbäck, is an ordained elder of the United 017-tiimimestari-forsback_stefan-netti cutMethodist Church and has been one of our leading pastors since 2012 and shouldered the Senior Pastor role in 2013.
Stefan has a real heart for people and seeing them thrive and grow in life and faith. He is passionate about Jesus and making him known to those who don’t go to church and don’t know him yet.

Church Worker/ Civil Service Worker

The year 2019 Anton Blomberg became a part of our team when we took him as our “civiltjänstgörare”. He will be with us during the year and help with the web page, social media, planning of events and taking care of the administrative side of things. Anton dreams of reaching out to the students and enjoy discussing theological questions.